Schank Family Prayer Letter November – December 2015

Schank FamilyNovember – December 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

Greetings from Blair, Nebraska! In the last few weeks I have been traveling down “Memory Lane”. It has been such a blessing to consider how God has used, literally, THOUSANDS of people in our lives the past several years of our ministry! We stand amazed!

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank each one of you for your prayers, support (financially and otherwise), cards, emails, and phone calls. One supporting church in Axton, Virginia sent us some country ham! Hallelujah! Your show of support for our family this year has been a tremendous encouragement in the face of increased stress and hardship.

We had the opportunity to visit relatives in North Carolina for Christmas. It was wonderful to surprise my mother and Shilo’s parents as we arrived late on Christmas Eve! It was a special blessing to meet longtime friends while home for Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Grubbs have a big place in my heart! Our family enjoyed the opportunity to visit one of our supporting churches in Virginia. Pastor Bill Hicks and the church family were awesome! It is great to see a ministry continue to be faithful to the Lord!

Many have enquired about how the ministry is going here and I appreciate their desire to be involved. This year has been both the greatest year of ministry as well as the absolute hardest. We have seen several people accept Christ as their Saviour. A couple of new families, as well as several individuals, have started attending our church regularly. We have had one to join the church. Our discipleship program is going well. The youth ministry has been given a tremendous opportunity to reach into a couple of families. I am very excited about this!!!

Though the aforementioned things are likable and what all of us enjoy thinking about, there is another side to our ministry that is more difficult to speak of. It has been hard on us as a family dealing with Miranda’s tumor, as well as several financial hardships that have found their way into our circumstances. One of them is the new engine for the Chevrolet Suburban. There have been some major ministry issues to deal with concerning some of our church family. One has proven to be very stressful!

I am not complaining about the hardships of 2015, as a matter of fact, I praise God for them! The hard times have proven to be fertile ground for God to knock off the rough edges in our lives. Seeing God provide deliverance in the financial storms, and extend grace during the tender family crisis’ our church members have endured is just as awesome as seeing someone get saved by the grace of God!

As we conclude this letter please continue to pray for us as we seek to be good stewards of our time, talent and treasure. We still have a large debt to pay on the engine for the truck. Our heart’s desire is to get this taken care of soon. We need wisdom as we help our church family face their battles. We want to be found faithful! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. May Christ continue to bless you and your family!

Endeavoring To Stand In The Gap,

Brother Andrew Schank

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