Schank Family Prayer Letter March – April 2015

Schank FamilyMarch – April 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

Greetings from Blair, Nebraska! I would like to begin this letter by thanking everyone for the prayers made on our behalf, but especially the ones for my daughter Miranda! We got a great report from the doctor concerning the vascular tumor in her arm.

As many of you know, Miranda has had 2 MRI scans performed since January. When the comparison was made, the doctor confirmed his diagnosis in the fact that the tumor is benign. Hallelujah!!! The tumor was not as big in the last MRI, but this does not necessarily mean anything since a vascular tumor can fluctuate in size due to how much blood may be in it. A pastor in Kentucky was kind enough to provide an alternative device which my daughter has been using that seems to help her with the pain and we feel that this is helping in more ways than maybe we realize!!! Thank you pastor!!!

We appreciate your faithful financial support. It means a lot to us! We are grateful for all of the phone calls, emails and cards letting us know that you are praying for us. It means a lot to us and especially to Miranda!

We are still doing work on our house and yard from the hail storm damage on June 3, 2014. Hopefully we can finish everything in the next couple of months. The few things left are important, but not things which are crucial to the integrity or safety of our home.

We enjoyed another great Resurrection Day season this year. It has been quite enjoyable meeting many new people over the last couple of months. Our church family has bonded more as well. God has been so good to us… there is just not enough space in a letter to convey it all.

Our church just concluded our first ever Spring Revival with Evangelist Dwight Smith and with Brother Doyle Robertson along with their families. WOW! These folks were exactly what we needed. They had a sweet spirit about them and were a great encouragement to each of the members of my family. We are looking forward to having them again! The best thing about the meeting was that we had two individuals to accept Christ as their Savior. AMEN!

As I conclude this letter, I would like you to continue to pray for us. We are enjoying the ministry here in Blair and are anticipating a great Summer ahead. We have many events scheduled and are excited about our canvasing project in the weeks ahead. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more as to how you may help in a financial way, then please give us a call or email us. May Christ continue to bless each of you in these days of great opportunity!

Endeavoring To Stand In The Gap,

Brother Andrew Schank

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