Schank Family Prayer Letter September – October 2014

Schank FamilySeptember – October 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

Greetings from the Schank family! We would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful phone calls, letters and cards. They mean so much!My children love to get the birthday cards from you all!!! We would also like to express our appreciation for your sincere prayers on our behalf. I KNOW somebody has been praying for us in the last two months! Your prayers and dedicated financial support has brought forth fruit for which I am glad to have had a small part.

Over the last six months or so, many of you have expressed to me that you enjoy getting our letters. Several have stated that they were always encouraged by them. All I can say is, “Hallelujah!” Each time we set forth to prepare a prayer letter to report back to our supporters we pray that the letters can be an encouragement! This is a special answer to prayer! In view of this, I do not find it easy, this time, to share some of the issues we have been confronting, but I need to let you know so you can help us pray.

The last two months have been rather difficult on our family and on me personally, but God has given grace! We have been working extremely long hours trying to finish repairs/remodeling from the June 3rd hail storm. Over all, we are about 60% complete with all of the needed projects. Winter is upon us and things need to get done. On top of that, I have a mold problem in mine and Shilo’s bedroom. There does not seem to be a quick fix to this. Miranda, our oldest, has had some health issues, and we do not know for sure what she is battling. All we know is that it is very taxing on her when she has her episodes. We have lost some monthly support over the summer months and that has almost sunk our ship. In the midst of it all, God has, indeed, been good!

Just when I needed help the most, we had a revival meeting the first week of October with Pastor William Turner from Open Door Baptist Church of Lima, Ohio! WOW! God used him and his father to encourage our church family and mine. It is amazing what God will do in our lives if we remain faithful. In the nearly 23 years I have been saved, God has never let me down. He has ALWAYS shown up on time!

Our family is doing well. School is progressing without any glitches. Each new day brings new challenges and it is really neat to be able to face them with Jesus Christ right beside you! Our family says, “Hello!” and hopes all of you have a great holiday season!

As I conclude this letter, I want to, again, express my deepest appreciation for your continued support of my family. Without your willingness to support, there would not be a Great Commission Baptist Church of Blair, Nebraska! Please keep praying for this open door in Blair to remain open!

Endeavoring To Stand In The Gap,

Bro. Schank

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