Schank Family Prayer Letter July – August 2013

July – August 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter to you! God has given us some tremendous fruit in the last two months! In fact, this has probably been the most fruitful two months in the 20 years I have had the opportunity to preach God’s Word!

I sent my May-June Prayer Letter to the mission board on July 1st for them to print and mail for us. The very next day, I was able to lead a man to Christ whom we have been working with for quite some time. The day after that I had the awesome privilege to lead a young woman to the Lord who has been attending our church for about 6-7 months. The following Sunday evening I led the step son, of the gentleman I won to Christ on July 2nd, and his wife to the Lord. WOW!!! It does not stop there… For the next three weeks in a row I was able to win a soul a week!

On August 4th our church had a huge outdoor Baptismal Service. You can view it on our website. We baptized 12 converts, and there was approximately 60 in attendance! Hallelujah!!! A young man, who was brother to one of those baptized, was in the service that afternoon. He mentioned that he would like to speak with me. A week later I was able to win him to Christ!

So far this year we have seen 9 souls get saved!!! With all of this going on, there is also a tremendous amount of responsibility on myself and the church to disciple these babes in Christ. Please pray for us in this area!
In the midst of extreme bliss, we have also faced some equally trying circumstances. The Lord knows about the various needs, and I would just ask you to remember each of our church families in their respective trials.

Our family is doing fine. We started school the first of August and the kids are back into the swing of things. Our girls are excited about the new Sunday School class we were able to get started. We are thankful for those who have stepped up to meet that need. My two oldest boys are really enjoying their karate training… maybe too much? They walk around the living room sometimes doing high kicks and such. That can be interesting. Micah, our youngest, is as brave as ever! He gets right into the mix too!

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone who has supported our family and church through your prayers and finances. We are extremely grateful! The cost of living has increased over the last 6 months or so, as you are also experiencing, and it is making things more difficult. God has been faithful to us in spite of those circumstances. We are learning a lot as we are depending more and more upon His omnipotent provision. If we can help you, answer any questions, or if you just need someone to listen, then feel free to call us (402) 909-2799. (God has increased our burden for our supporters/prayer partners) May Christ richly bless you and your family!

Endeavoring To Stand In The Gap,

Bro. Schank

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