Schank Family Prayer Letter January – February 2013

January – February 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Supporters and Praying Friends,

Greetings from Blair, Nebraska! I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported our family prayerfully and monetarily in the last two months. God has been so GOOD! I also would like to take a moment and express our gratitude for each card and letter sent for our birthdays, our wedding anniversary and for our encouragement! You will never know just how much of a blessing it is to receive these from time to time.

We began the year with starting a new Wednesday evening Bible study series entitled, “Where Do I Fit?” This study reveals how each child of God has at least one spiritual gift which they should be using. Each person took a spiritual gifts test and we graphed the results on a whiteboard. Not only did we all see where we fit in our church, but we saw where our church needs some prayerful help. This has proven to be a real encouragement to our folks. For the ones who wanted to participate, it has helped them to grow tremendously. We are currently examining principles for Biblical standards so we can learn how to walk closer to God and to carry out our spiritual gifts more effectively.

January also marked the beginning of our new Radio/Internet Radio Ministry. God gave us the opportunity to have a daily 10 minute and a weekly 30 minute broadcast on Saturday mornings. The Lighthouse can be heard locally in Watertown, SD and also on We are very thankful for what God has allowed our church to do in this area.

Our church was given a small organ last summer and I began to start teaching myself to play it in the last 6 weeks. Things are progressing and I am hoping to be able to play the congregational songs regularly by Summer’s end. I am trying to save enough money to purchase a full size (88 key) keyboard that will play an organ tone. It would also be a desire for our church to find a Hammond organ that someone would like to get rid of. Please help us pray!

We have not had anyone saved since December, but there is a great amount of conviction seen in some of the folks we are trying to reach. We are gearing up for our Spring outreach and literature distribution. We are hoping to get the remaining outlying areas that were not finished last year.

Our family is doing well. We experienced some sickness towards the end of February, but things are better now. We have been able to allow Miranda and Andrea to play some sports with a Christian School in Fremont, Nebraska. They are having fun! Shilo and I will be celebrating 14 years of marriage on March 5, 2013! It is absolutely amazing how she has put up with me all of these years! Lol!

Overall, things are going well. We need God to send us a young Christian couple who can help us expand our Sunday School Ministry. Our church needs another dose of Divine encouragement… we have some people going through some tough times. Thanks again for your support and feel free to contact us as any time with any inquiries! 402-909-2799!

Endeavoring To Stand In the Gap,

Bro. Schank

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